Consultation Fees

Please note that our experts are world-renowned full-time professionals who charge an average consultation fee of USD ($) 100 for 30 minutes of clinic visit in addition to any reimbursements from ancillary services. This means that 30 minutes of THEIR time for YOUR case is approximately worth Rs. 7000. 

They want to help patients in India get access to top-quality healthcare. This is why our services are being provided at a reasonable fee as detailed below:

  1. Initial consultation: US $ 50
    This includes a review of medical information by our physician expert and a reply via email. A ten-minute phone call may be arranged to discuss the case with the patient or designated representative.
  2. Second and all subsequent consultations: US $ 40 EACH.
    This includes a review of updates in the clinical case by our physician expert and a reply via email.
  3. Phone consultation: US $ 30 for first ten minutes; additional minutes at US $ 3 per minute.
    Our experts are happy to talk to you. Because they live in the US, a phone call with them is billed as an additional service because it requires significantly more effort from them. A 2-days (48-hours) advance notice and reservation is required to talk to our experts on the phone unless they agree to talking with you in an emergency situation. This will be solely at their discretion.
    At 9-minute mark, our system will remind you that one minute is remaining. We won’t interrupt your conversation, but any additional minutes after 10 minutes will be billed on a pro-rated basis.
  4. TRUSTED SERVICE: Please know that we only connect our patients with the top-rated doctors. Top-quality advice is never cheap or free.
    Thousands of Indian patients have trusted us ( and received important medical advice. We hope that you have an excellent experience with us!
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