If you or your loved one has cancer, DO NOT WAIT!



What is cancer? How can I treat it?

A dividing cancer cell

An average adult human body has about 37 LAKH CRORE cells functioning together. Cancer forms when some of these cells develop changes that makes them better able to survive compared with normal cells.

There are hundreds of human cancers, each with a different biology (origin/behavior etc). Majority of human cancers tend to be aggressive and proper treatment is essential to get cured, or live longer even if the cancer is no longer curable.

United States of America is the world leader in medical research with more clinical trials and research spending than any other country in the world. Oncologists (cancer experts) trained in USA generally have access to the most cutting edge medical techniques and advancements.

Why should I get a second opinion?
New treatments are becoming available every year for most cancers, and an opinion from our knowledgeable experts can make a huge difference.

Scientific studies tell us that up to 50% of all cancer care changes due to a second opinion! Think about it- there’s a 50% chance that you may get a different treatment if you get a second opinion.

Our experts not only give you their advice, they guide you on how to discuss the advice with your own cancer doctor (oncologist) to minimize the stress for you!